Fire Buttons

Fire Buttons are low-profile, last-resort fire lighting devices. Because they replace existing buttons on your clothing, they're always with you and take up no additional space or weight. These were originally developed by Shomer-Tec for special ops military personnel for escape and evasion situations. They can also be valuable survival items for anyone who could face an unexpected survival situation in the wilderness.


Available in two versions: Ferrocerium and Magnesium. Ferrocerium is a synthetic pyrophoric alloy which produces hot sparks that can reach temperatures of 5400° F when rapidly oxidized by striking with a hard object. Magnesium shavings provide a highly efficient accelerant and serve as a super hot tinder. Fire is produced by scraping shavings off the Magnesium button, and then striking the Ferrocerium button to produce a shower of sparks which can ignite the Magnesium shavings in order to set fire to kindling material.


Size: a standard button size – 3/4" diameter, 5/32" thickness. Weight: 0.1 oz. (Magnesium), 0.2 oz. (Ferrocerium). Color: Magnesium button is dull silver, Ferrocerium button is dark gray. Each button sold separately. Made in USA.


SKU #: FB-1  Fire Button, Magnesium

SKU #: FB-2  Fire Button, Ferrocerium


Fire Button, Magnesium



Fire Button, Ferrocerium



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