Telephone Voice Transformer

Telephone Voice Transformer

The Telephone Voice Transformer is the ultimate telephone voice disguiser. This specially modified telephone-compatible version of the Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer was developed for law enforcement investigators to effectively disguise their voices in real-time telephone conversations and online applications such as voice chat rooms. It enables the operator to easily create and speak in a wide range of disguised voices.

All other “telephone voice changers” are basically just toy devices which merely alter pitch, and the Telephone Voice Transformer leaves them all far behind in the technological dust. It provides smooth, instantaneous control over pitch, formant, tone, octave, timbre, reverberation, and effects. You can transform your entire persona — from male to female, old to young, big to small, good to evil…

Controls are all hands-on, without any menu diving or programming to get in the way. It features an experimentation mode which allows you to experiment with various settings and effects, all while monitoring the results in real-time. This a stand-alone mode that does not require having a phone connected. If you want to save a voice that you’ve created for future usages, it can be stored in one of the unit’s 8 memories. It also allows you to instantly alternate between your real voice and a disguised voice, so you can be both yourself and another person during the same phone conversation.

The Telephone Voice Transformer is compatible with most cell phones and basic landline phones.

Powered by four AA alkaline batteries (included), or via a USB cable (not included). Size: 6.9” x 5.3” x 2.3”. Comes complete with headset, microphone, cables, carry/storage case, and manual. Sorry, temporarily out of stock.


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