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Access Card

Alarm Signaling Device

Automotive Jiggler Key Set

Bare Minimum Handcuff Key

Bare Minimum Lockpick Set

Boot Lace Covert Handcuff Key

Breakout Card

Brief Safe, The

Bypass Knife Tools

Carbon Fiber Ventilator

Ceramic Folding Razor Knife

Ceramic Micro Striker/Scraper

Ceramic Razor Blade

CIA Covert Cutter

Clear Cuff

Covert Card™

Covert Coffee

Covert Coins

Covert Escape Compass

Covert Handcuff Key

Darby Escape Toggle

Dead Ringer

Defense Wrench

Deluxe Thief Detection Kit

Diamond Bow Saw

Doo Drops

E & E Saws

Emerson Non-Metallic Kerambit

Escape Capsules

Escape Nickel

Escape Stick™

Escape/Survival Boot Laces

Escape & Survival Module

Escape/Travel Belt

Escape Wire™ Micro Saw

Extension Monitor

Fifty-Cent Covert Knife

Fire Buttons

Fire Cards

Food Procurement Survival Kit

Foto-Sniper Camera

Green Gas

GTFO Escape Bracelet

Handcuff Key

Handcuff Shim Pick

Hellfire & Brimstone

Impact Kerambit

Jack Knife Lock-Pick Set

Kevlar Survival Cord

Kevlar® Trip Line


Laser Surveillance Defeater

Lock-Picking School Kit

Lock Zapper

Master Lock-Pick Set

Micro-Clip Handcuff Key

Micro Escape Kit

Micro Escape Tool

Mini Shim Decoders

Model 13 Lock-Pick Set

Mossad Pen

Nickel Escape Saw

Nickel Knife

Nine-Fifty Cord

Panic Powder

Peephole Reverser

Pen Cap Handcuff Key

Pendant Safe

Pick Gun

Police Patches

Prison Pens


Purple Rain



Road Stars

Sap Cap

Sonic Nausea

Special Ingredients

Spectra® Cord

Spool of Fuel™

Spy Bolt

Spy Paper


Stick of Fire™

Stinger Key Chain

Stink Bomb

Super Scanner Metal Detector

Survival Fish Hooks

Survival Kit Water Bag

Survival Sewing Kit

Switchblade Handcuff Key

Telephone Voice Transformer

Titanium Deflater

Titanium Escape Pens

Titanium Escape Ring

Titanium Ice Pick

Titanium Insta-Probe™

Titanium Lock-Pick Set

Titanium Stick Pen

Toilet Paper Roller Safe

Ultimate Survival Cord

Ultraviolet LED Flashlight

Ultraviolet Marker

Ultraviolet Thief Detection Powder

Undercover Bracelet

Visible Stain Thief Detection Powder

Warded Key Set

Zip Fire

Zip Stash

Zipper Pull Covert Handcuff Key