Floss Escape Kit

Floss Escape Kit



The Floss Escape Kit by Shomer-Tec is a unique new low-profile, high-capability escape kit. It presents as a working dental floss dispenser. Despite its tiny size, it provides unprecedented cutting ability as well as a handcuff key.

It functions as a standard dental floss dispenser does- as you pull out the floss, it unwinds from the spindle and dispenses the floss. But – unlike all others - after about 18”, the dental floss suddenly transforms into a 6 ft. length of Kevlar® cord! This cord is renown for its ability to cut quickly and easily through many things, including zip-tie restraints.

For even more extreme cutting capability, the Floss Escape Kit also contains a 2 ft. Escape Wire™ Saw. Made with diamond wire, which can cut through most anything that’s softer than diamonds (which is about anything). The case and the floss spindle become the saw’s handles (watch the video).

The case is tiny and discreet - 1.4” x 1.2” x 0.6”, and weighs just 0.18 oz. It looks like an actual dental floss container, because that’s what it is. It even has a heat-shrink wrap around it, marked “Sealed For Your Protection” for a factory-fresh appearance. Made in USA.


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