Covert Coins

During the Cold War, spies from both the East and West utilized specially modified coins to covertly transport messages, microfilms, poisons, etc.

In our high-tech age, the clandestine "covert coin" may seem to be merely an historical or nostalgic relic. But although the technology of the covert coin is not new, the data media is new. The MicroSD memory card, which can store up to a massive 2 terabytes of information, can be hidden inside of a nickel!

Your most private, confidential, and personal information can now be secured in a place where no one would ever locate it. Even a professional warrant search will not succeed in finding your most private information.

Covert Coins are expertly precision hand-machined from actual coins to create a secret interior compartment. Once closed, they are absolutely indistinguishable from regular coins to the naked eye. They can be handled normally without any chance of an accidental opening. An opening device is supplied with each covert coin, without which it's next to impossible to open up the coin. Made in USA.

A MicroSD card can fit in all versions except the Quarter and Penny. Memory cards are not included. Available in: Quarter, Half Dollar, Nickel, Dollar (Eisenhower) and Penny. Also now available in Euro coin (50 Euro Cent), British coin (10 pence), Israeli coin (2-Shekel), and Australian coin (20 cent).

SKU #: CC-Q Quarter – $21.00
SKU #: CC-H Half Dollar – $25.00
SKU #: CC-N Nickel – $30.00
SKU #: CC-D Dollar – $35.00
SKU #: CC-P Penny – $12.00
SKU #: CC-R Australian – $33.00
SKU #: CC-B British – $30.00
SKU #: CC-E Euro – $30.00
SKU #: CC-I Israeli – $30.00

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