Spool of Fuel™

Making sparks with ferrocerium is easy, but making the sparks ignite something is less so. Especially in wet or windy environments. Just cut off a couple inches of the waxed jute from the Spool of Fuel™, fluff up one end and you can have a sustained hot burning flame in no time. It can also be lit directly with a match or lighter. Made from a 3 foot length of 3-ply natural jute coated with a waxed blend formulated for the best results in a wide range of conditions. It's housed on a nifty spool which provides protected storage and convenient handling. Weight: 0.32 oz. Spool dimensions: 1.8” diameter x  0.5” height. Made in USA. Also available in 25-foot length in bulk format.

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SKU #: WJ-25 Waxed Jute, 25 ft.

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